Why A-1 LifeStyle?

A-1 Lifestyle is a brand created by Architect Atul Manohar Yamsanwar for people who are conscious about the quality of their lifestyle. The idea is to bring the best in the domain of housing, hospitality, celebration, entertainment, and more, to the people of Nagpur at an affordable price. Once you come to us, you need not go anywhere else. Rather, you will not feel the need to go elsewhere. That’s the confidence and commitment of the people behind the brand.


About Nagpur

Some call it Orange City while others call it the zero mile city. Orange City because the Nagpur oranges, rather the oranges from the surrounding areas, are the best and the juiciest oranges known to the mankind. Zero mile city because Nagpur is bang in the middle of the country. The “India 0” milestone is a must see spot for the visitors to the city.


A-1 Lifestyle Residency

A-1 residency is an elite project that starts enveloping your happiness the moment you step in. Apart from the premium facilities, it's the freedom from paying loan installments for the first six years that makes you feel liberated and relaxed. Be it workout at the high-tech gymnasium at the residency or a run along the jogger's track, happiness will be always at work engulfing you in its warmth so you won't have to look out for a reason to smile.


Project Images

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